Steps To Voting Procedure at for the Lift-Off International Film Festival

Steps to Watch and Vote for the Movie

1. You must have an account with Vimeo in order to vote. If you don’t have an account please create one and verify. Steps to create a vimeo account can be found here:
2. Login to your vimeo account and open the link to the film festival
3. You will need to Rent out the collection by paying a small fee of ~ $10USD (please get help from your friends if you are not sure how to make the online payment)
4. Once you have rented out the collection then click on Read more to understand the details on the voting process
5. Scroll down further to find #28 – Grihalakshmi – THE AWAKENING (you may have to click on Show 35+ more episodes to make all entries visible)
6. You can click on the link and then click Watch to start watching the movie. Enjoy the movie! (NOTE: you don’t necessarily have to watch the full movie to be eligible to vote)
7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to vote by adding a comment. Please note you are required to vote for at least 2 movies here else the vote will not be counted.
Add only one comment with the preference and name of the movie of your choice:

2. <Name of second movie>

8. Then head to the website on to fill out the more detailed voting form, including feedback that gets sent back to the filmmakers!


Votes with only one selection/ the same film twice will be INVALID.

The top five films from the social round will be rated by Lift-Off’s Official Judges who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score is invited to the Sessions Features Winners event at Pinewood Studios where their trailers will be screened, they will participate in industry workshops and have hands-on advice and feedback.

Unable to Vote due to Technical or Other issues?
If you are finding the above voting process too complicated and unable to get through it then don’t worry you can still help and vote for the Grihalakshmi movie, below are the steps on how to which is as easy as sending an email.

If the festival concludes and they were still not able to vote, then you can send proof of purchase along with your favourite film choices, and the organisers will gladly add their votes once the festival has concluded, if you were unable to vote during the festival.

To register your votes post Festival, Contact:

Naomi Malika
Lift-Off Global Network Limited, Pinewood Studios, England

web: LiftOff.Network
chat: +44 (0)1753 656502″


Dear friends & my Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

Here is your chance to watch the much awaited film GRIHALAKSHMI THE AWAKENING IN ENGLISH and also vote for the movie to help make it reach more seekers around the world.
Your vote will help our film get selected in the Lift-Off International Film Festival for Screening & Award Ceremony to be held at Los Angeles USA under final selection category.

Just keep following the steps/method as indicated in the link below to watch the movie and how to vote.
Film Entry Number #28 – Grihalakshmi – THE AWAKENING

Please remember to vote for the film as your 1st choice after watching it. Do not forget to also vote for your second best choice alongside, else your vote will not count.
You can watch the film from the comfort of your homes on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets or your home TV screens.
Voting will close on 3rd Aug 2 AM(India Time), 3rd Aug 6.00am Sydney time, 2nd Aug 11pm CET (Europe time), 2nd August 10pm BST (British time)

Please share it further as much as possible in the international Sahaja Yoga Collectives.

Remember, it is One Vote per rental. Rental costs $10 USD and is valid for the whole week until the voting closes (refer above dates and time according to your timezone)

Also please find below the detailed steps on how to watch the movie and cast your vote.

Happy Watching & Voting!

Jai Shree Mataji 🙏

Sanjay Roshan Talwar
Managing Trustee
Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation
Mob +91 9811203017

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