Our Goal At Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation

Providing access to Pure Knowledge as a free flow of information, both viewed, identified& applied in the day to day life of an individual using the popular global medium of Live stage performances, Conferences, Festivals of Artistic expression, Television & Films. Through production of professionally managed and organized programs, TV Serials, Documentaries & Feature Films, our team of creative professionals will endeavor to bring a paradigm shift in the quality of human life that constantly aspires to:

  • Attain well-being, peace, happiness & satisfaction
  • To be rid of all social evils like hatred, violence, discrimination, inequality & intolerance
  • Take complete charge of one’s own life in its existing state and contribute to a healthy, growing society, through an in-depth understanding of our value systems, our limits, our life-purpose & the potential to attain our goals,

Thereby giving meaning to our lives.

In short – “To Create an audio-visual impact that can transform human awareness from a hapless mundane existence to that of a powerful one, that promises to provide all possible solutions in a strife torn life.”