Our Vision At Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation

CREATE media productions with an audio-visual impact, touching, appealing & transforming human sensitivity to self-actuate experiences leading to spontaneous resolution of life issues, using individual energy resources of an inbuilt scientific system that taps into individual and social potential.

REVOLUTIONIZE content for media so that people know that there is hope in life. Help ignite creative instincts in ordinary people enabling them to adorn their lives with beauty, harmony and peace.

PROVIDE self-help techniques through meditation to attain being the master of one’s life and in total control of everything.

DEVELOP a pure desire to connect to an infinite source that empowers an individual heart to become a powerhouse of love that shares, cares and perpetuates oneness in all beings.

DISCOVER the Tree of Life concept as an inbuilt mechanism created by Mother Nature as the last step in human evolution, i.e., to communicate directly with one’s own ‘life force’, become one’s own master and thereby overcome all problems and social ills of life, family, society and the world.

EXTEND moral and financial support to deserving artists to express their creative freely to enhance their skills and talent and live fearlessly in the world of performing arts.