In case you are a performing artist, then do join our Team Immaculate. You are welcome from any field of art & creativity. We propose to create live stage Performances & programs/Presentations for live display in all world cultural festivals & spiritual forums.

Diverse cultures will reflect in our Presentations, which will be a mix of Music, dance & drama, besides making films both for TV & Entertainment Industry.

You may choose the team you wish to belong to, and contribute to any one or more of the following:

1) Marketing & Networking

2) Creative writing – Story, Screenplay & Dialogues

3) Production of Audio Visual Presentations- Films, TV &Webseries (U Tube)

4) Production of live Performing Arts – Music, Dance & Drama

5) Still & Live Presentations – Power Point & Anchoring.

6) Website Development, Maintenance + Web & Social Media Management.

7) Content Research & Planning of Projects for ongoing& future Productions

8) Fund Raising & Financial Management

9) Advisory Function for review & Dispute settlement

10) Development & Collaboration Team + PR & International Relations

11) General Administration & Management

12) Miscellaneous- Any Other Skill, not mentioned above.

You are welcome to be part of multiple functions. But please do choose at least one team, where you feel you will be able to make your creative contribution.

Those who wish to join us, please write to ALL the people by either WhatsApp or email, mentioned below:
1. Sanjay Talwar- Founder & Managing Trustee- WhatsApp: +919811203017 & Email:
2. Aditya Chourasiya- General Secretary- WhatsApp: +91-7252986066 & Email:
3. Darshika Kesarwani- Chief Coordinator- WhatsApp:  +91-9454112189 & Email:

We are constantly looking Film Cast and Crew Members

We are looking for individuals who are professionally involved in film making process in any manner. Those who and are ready to devote time skill and  expertise for our upcoming short films or in our motion Picture film division projects. Any film/media enthusiasts who seriously want to be a part of these project can also contact us. We are looking for people who can be committed to the project since it involves lots of hard work and time. To start with we are looking for people based in ‘Mumbai’.

Please send in your professional details and areas of interest to:

Mr. B.N.Singh- +91 93243 68012