OUR INSPIRATION – From the Desk of the Managing Trustee

We derive our inspiration from our Mother Her Holiness Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, who is no more with us in Her physical form, but continues to live in our hearts as our guide, our mentor & Guru, who in Her capacity as a Mother, taught us how to do Sahaj Meditation, and through it attain all the spiritual powers to lead a joyful, happy, content & blissful life.

By the unique knowledge of the subtle human system with inbuilt energy centers or Chakras ( as is prescribed in all our ancient scriptures & holy texts of all faiths & beliefs), she taught us in a very simplified (Sahaja manner) how these play a vital role in the way we perceive life, its day to day problems, and how we can be empowered to resolve all matters of concern in our lives & lead a life of complete contentment & fulfillment. How we can be happy & full of love and how we can share it and spread it to all human beings, integrating the entire human race into one huge family- common factors being :

  • love,
  • compassion,
  • forgiveness,
  • humility,
  • wisdom &
  • pure knowledge of the absolute Truth.

Powerful Collective Force

How this unity amongst us works as a very powerful collective force that can overcome all negative & destructive forces within & without. Many of us have acquired extraordinary creative skills ever since we started this Meditation called ‘Sahaja Yoga”, where the basic concept of Kundalini (our individual Mother- Power) awakening connects with the very source of the all- pervading power of this Universe (The Creator himself), thereby granting us YOGA or union with the Divine.

Hereafter the Universal Divine Energy of Love enters our subtle system, heals our chakras or energy centers, providing us relief from mental & physical stress. It provides us with an activated mental prowess to sort out our own lives and help other to do the same. Cure our own illnesses through a balancing effect using the help of the five elements, and eventually entering into the fourth dimension of existence in the collective consciousness, where our powerful attention can act to change or transform the whole world into heaven on Earth. Through this unique meditation, we are connected to our brethren across the world in over 130 countries with a bond of common love & affection, where life is rejoiced & lived fully. It is virtually like Heaven on Earth.


We, the creative talent of team IMMACULATE pledge ourselves from the core of our hearts to bring this beacon of light into the lives of all seekers of truth in this world, such that it is transformed into a better place to live peacefully, happily & healthily together as one family. Through our meditative experiences we hope to take our inspiration to the next level of creating a better world of communication, where our Media & Film Makers can play a vital role in communicating this vision to the entire world.

At a personal level, and as the Founder, Promoter of this Foundation, I would like to share a few of my thoughts:

I was 27 years old when I met Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi (I address her as Mother) for the first time. On 4th July 1984 She helped me awaken my Kundalini Power, taught me the knowledge & principles of the technique of Sahaja Yoga. Through this new kind of awakening, I began to experience all the good things happen in my life from that very moment onwards.

I felt a complete transformation in my being. I have penned my memoirs & several experiences in my website www.sanjayroshantalwar.com. When you click therein on to Albums, go into its album notes to read some beautiful stories that wove my life. The various phases & miraculous moments I went through in Her presence, and with Her grace, over the years of association with her can be found under ‘Album Notes”.

What is noteworthy therein is, that though I am a double graduate with Degrees of BSc Chemistry honors from Hansraj College, Delhi University & BSc. Tech from UDCT Matunga, Mumbai University between 1973 & 1979, I discovered my inherent talent in writing.

After I received my enlightenment of Kundalini awakening ( known as Self Realization) from Mother, my potential as a writer evolved. Whatever knowledge about this enlightenment I could grasp, I started penning down my experiences in prose & poetry format. It came our very spontaneously. It did not stop there. I was very fond of music, and that seed in me also sprout, as I started composing my own Poetry & then started singing it. Mother encouraged me to put this transformation in me into live performances on stage before audiences whom she addressed during the course of her sharing Sahaja yoga Meditation in every corner of the world. So I was fortunate to accompany her on her world tours, where she addressed large audiences & granted them the experience of Self Realization. She welcomed the medium of music through my singing to these audiences, to help people meditate & awaken their Kundalini powers. During my travel with Her across the globe between 1988 & 2004, I had written, composed and performed over 150 songs, all based on Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

You will find all these songs, their lyrics & meaning on this website, besides some testimonials, photo gallery & few Video clips of my performances over these years. I call them as the golden years of my life. Personally, I got many opportunities to be by Her side, and learn this great art of meditation directly from her. She even participated in the content of the poetry that I wrote, sometimes helping me with the right words & phrases. In 1988, she names me “Roshan”, the enlightened one.

Birth of IIHF – Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation!

Then one day, on 10th December 2002, when I was spending time with Her at her Mumbai residence, She spoke to me about a responsibility She wanted me to shoulder. To take all the learnings & experiences of the benefits of Sahaja Meditation to the whole world through the world of Communication ie. Media, Films & Live performances, Presentations & Workshops. She said it was Her dream, that She wanted me to fulfill. Take the lead. In her own words She spoke “When the time comes, you will do it”. She gave it several Bandhans (protective kavach). Then continued to say “This task is already done, but still I would need to take the necessary steps to make it happen”. And with each Bandhan she gave, she asked me to keep working towards it. And as I will move forward, doors of opportunity will keep opening. And when I will pass through each door, many creative artists will walk through with me, till it becomes a global movement. She was keen that all the creative artists of the world practicing Sahaja Meditation will take this world to peace & salvation.

With these divine words spoken to me 15 years back & my fervent prayers to someday get started with it, on 08th February 2017, decided to launch IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATIONA 100% Non Profit Trust that will fulfill this noble mission.

As on this date – going on print – several artists from India and overseas have already joined me in this mission. A small team of technicians & Film & TV Industry professionals, practicing Sahaja Meditation, have joined my team, and have been working tirelessly since last 6 months to come up with few stories, scripts & Screenplays of our forthcoming ventures.

We stand committed collectively with our pure desires to take forward this initiative, and work towards a successful professional model. Meeting with expenses of our projects will always remain a challenge before us, which we will meet through the goodwill & support from our Government’s income tax Departments to permit Exemption on Donations to our Foundation. I also seek support from you my dear reader(s), to generously donate for this noble cause.

In case you are a performing artist, then do join our Team Immaculate. You are welcome from any field of art & creativity.We propose to create live stage Performances & programs/Presentations for live display in all world cultural festivals & spiritual forums. Diverse cultures will reflect in our Presentations, which will be a mix of Music, dance & drama, besides making films both for TV & Entertainment Industry.

Join Us

Whether you are a creative artist or a potential donor, I appeal to you, to relate to this vision of our Divine Mother, and join us in our mission. Let us together help transform all troubled souls to benefit from a beautiful world of  a Self –Realized & Self empowered life, adorned with love & compassion – A purpose for which Her Holiness Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi took Incarnation.

It is a format designed by our Divine Mother through Her immense love where the Vishudhhi & Swadishthan Chakras of Talented Artists will use the neutral platform of performing arts & media, today regarded as the strongest mode of communication & tools of Shri Krishna & Shri Saraswati within us.  Come, join hands with me and let us together make it happen now & here. Please spread the word.