1. To make television series, documentary, short & feature films that will promote Peace, happiness, joy & sense of collective belonging to a united society for the General well being of all human beings, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, Religion, belief & country to which they may belong or prescribe to.
  1. To bring forth an inner transformation through a verifiable spiritual Experience, using ancient awakening of an inner force/energy that every human being is born with. Further elaborated through stories of lives of individuals who have Attained a higher level of consciousness & understanding called self-realization.
  1. To highlight virtues & values that people of extraordinary brilliance have exhibited through narration of real-time experiences of their lives, with examples & testimonies, that ordinary human beings can verify and imbibe in their day to day life.
  1. To raise the morale of society in general by showcasing how the tremendous powers of one’s inner being can be reflected in a personality, that is transformative to bring a positive change in their lives and those of the others.
  1. To empower the weakest of sections of society, helping them overcome all odds so that they can rise to their own expectations/self-esteem & can contribute to a positivity society, than being a drain on it.
  1. To expose hypocrisy in ones own personality, providing vision to see the simple Truths about life. Truths that can be enjoyed, enhanced and shared for the benefit of all beings.
  1. To creatively present life as a unique gift – a good news, a solution to all problems through showing by example, how ways to overcome the bad things that have plagued our society with hatred & greed, lust, corruption & mindless killings.
  1. To bond with audiences through narratives & stories of love, compassion, Understanding, & patience as exhibited by the great souls born on this earth, & through their example suggest solutions to modern day living.
  1. To help the helpless, underprivileged & persons deprived sections of society by suggesting solutions to help them join the mainstream of a successful & content Life.
  1. To provide solutions for good mental & physical health by presenting live musical & dramatic performances including workshops & educational series of stress management, with the ultimate aim to enable all to enhance their sense of belonging, capacity to acquire positivity with humility & dignity both in private & Public life.
  1. To encourage & promote all art forms & skilled artists to help enhance their creative talent by encouraging music & performing Arts across the globe as the one and only means of a peaceful co-existence.