Vote For Grihalakshmi – The Awakening at the Lift-Off International Film Festival

Dear friends & my Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

Here is your chance to watch the much awaited film GRIHALAKSHMI THE AWAKENING IN ENGLISH

Look out for the film in the link provided here:

Please remember to vote for the film as your 1st choice after watching it. Do not forget to also vote for your second best choice alongside, else your vote will not count.

Your vote will help our film get selected in the Lift-Off International Film Festival for Screening & Award Ceremony to be held at Los Angeles USA under final selection category.

You can watch the film from the comfort of your homes on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets or your home TV screens.

Voting will close on 3rd Aug 2.30 am ( IST)

Just keep following the steps/method as indicated in the link. Here’s how you can vote. Watch this link:

Click on “watch Trailor”

Please share it as much as possible in our foreign SY Collectives.

Remember, it is One Vote per Subscription

Happy Watching & Voting!

Jai Shree Mataji

Sanjay Roshan Talwar
Managing Trustee
Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation
Mob +91 9811203017






Voting Tips


Enjoy and please remember to share this great collection with your friends, family and peers. The Lift-Off Sessions exists to bring new eyes to the independent film market. Thank you for supporting true, indie cinema!

Please vote by first writing VOTED in the comments section, followed by the names of your two favourite films. Then head to our website on to fill out the more detailed voting form, including feedback that gets sent back to the filmmakers!

Votes with only one selection/ the same film twice will be INVALID.

The top five films from the social round will be rated by Lift-Off’s Official Judges who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score is invited to the Sessions Features Winners event at Pinewood Studios where their trailers will be screened, they will participate in industry workshops and have hands-on advice and feedback.

Rules: One vote per rental.
Voting will end 10pm (BST) Sunday 2nd August.

After the festival, these films will be removed from the public domain.

Please note: some supporters may be unable to vote. They just need to make double sure that they are logged into Vimeo using the account that they used to purchase the collection, that they clear their cache, restart their browser, or use a totally different device.
It can be a common issue that users are unable to leave comments, but if the above steps are taken this usually helps.

17 thoughts on “Vote For Grihalakshmi – The Awakening at the Lift-Off International Film Festival”

  1. An outstanding film,story written by great blog writer Aprna Gangopadhy, you will like to see again and again. Acting of each character is so natural. Jago Kundalini ma bhajan just take you in heaven. It is first film of Director Sanjay Roshan Talwar. It just leave you in different but pleasant world. World needs such clean and memorable film in such a difficult time. Kudos to all the involved persons, writer, director, actors and all others.

  2. i have enjoid very much the film and all the songs!!

    You have done a very very very great job; be blessed for giving this treasure to the whole world, so that the whole world can know our Divine Mother through it

    We need the film subtitled in french and in the maximum of all the languages in the world so that the whole world can watch the film and get their realization .

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