A note from the desk of the Managing Trustee

When money is collected to spread the message of Shri Mataji .

All accounting is transparent to be seen by each person who pays for it.

Is like when you arrange a public program in a large scale, you have to pay for all the arrangements like venue, stage, electricity, flowers, water, mike, sound system and other logistic expenses.

Sahaja Yogis contribute to it from their free will.

No one forces anyone to contribute.

Similarly, when the method to communicate Mother’s message shifts mode to be spread on a digital platform using media and films ( something Mother always wanted to happen) then also Sahaja Yogis can contribute to meet with all related expenses to film making. Just as the organizers of a public program operate through a public trust / a non profit NGO, similarly our Foundation, a Non profit NGO is engaged in making such films, that too to fulfill Mother’s own desire, we too are as much open to scrutiny of money collections and expenses to make the films. The only difference is – that other Trusts have been operating since many years and ours is just completed it’s first financial year, with the movie still in the making.

It has been a hard struggle to achieve whatever we have managed so far with the help of a few Sahaja Yogis who believed in this vision and offered to support unconditionally. Otherwise we could not have achieved this impossible task. No person has those kind of personal funds to make such kind of bold movies of spiritual subject like Sahaja Yoga.

But our love, our dedication & our collective belief has alone given us the power and the strength to take the first plunge on this subject. As humans we could make a few mistakes here and there, for which we seek forgiveness from the Divine as also we are open to correct ourselves and improve on our working as we go ahead. What counts more is the end result we can achieve from such efforts and organisation.

Our brothers and Sisters in Sahaj must support our initiative in this very early stage and also join us in its management and work for our NGO in case they can contribute both time and money. Our Auditors are the same guiding both LET & National Trust. We have taken both into confidence regarding our intent. They have very kindly provided us with all the precautionary measures to ensure we remain totally transparent and answerable to all our donors and investors. Not a penny from this work will be utilised by any Trustee for personal use or income.

Our Foundation also has an objective of recognising the great talent of Sahaja Yogis as artists, giving them full freedom to express their awakened Swadishthan & Vishudhi chakras, bringing on the silver screen the best of vibratory awareness amongst the mass audience whom we are targeting to take to Sahaja Yoga. At this stage we need support and guidance and not criticism. However, positive criticism will be welcome to help us improve at every step.

We are most humbly committed to this noble cause. Please support us and help us reach out to the world through our films

Jai Shree Mataji

One thought on “A note from the desk of the Managing Trustee”

  1. Dear Sanjay Talwar uncle,

    Jai Shree Mataji! 🙏😊

    iihf is a wonderful initiative in world of media and cinema. My humble request that you please make some good cartoons and programs for Sahaji children. Our children just love “ power of innocence “ by Singapore collective.

    thankyou very much.

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