The birth of a new age content, World Cinema has never experienced before

Film Gruhalakshmi is about sharing with all the impact of the immense power of the awakened Kundalini, that our creative team has acquired. How our new-found collective energies have been channelled in the narration & screenplay of a simple story of two sisters. We trust, you would want to know how the story unfolds & how it will work for you ( our audiences). How, through this Realisation, you can contribute to our society, when your own life becomes so beautiful. To know that it was granted to us as part of our evolution as Human Beings, is now a blessing among all living beings on Earth – To be Self Realised and live life fully, as in the Heavens.

We pray that you will come forward and support this noble cause by donating generously to help us raise funds to complete this life-changing film, that has been shot but awaits to be finished into a grand film- not to be missed. The most experienced hands of Bollywood are working behind the scenes to give you an Immaculate experience. Please join hands with us for this noble cause.

Our NGO is giving opportunities to great talented Film Makers, actors, singers, composers, directors, writers, technicians & all those who will feel & experience the great work they are capable of achieving from their Creative energies when they are Self- Realized & Spiritually enlightened. It is the birth of a new age content, World Cinema has never experienced before. Surely Pathbreaking.

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