: Sanjay Roshan Talwar speaks with Sandeep Amar on film Grihalakshmi

Sanjay Roshan Talwar speaks with Sandeep Amar over the significance of Sahaja Yoga, self-realization. He shares how someone can get peace and happiness by doing Sahaj Yoga, processes an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced.

Mr. Sandeep Amar from newsX asked many interesting questions like:

  • Humans don’t like to give up their hedonic pleasures – why would they accept some such life that takes them to peace or calmness?
  • How does meditation prepare a person – for example, an employee who is used to constant abuses from his boss – to accept more abuses the next day !
  • How can mediation help in coping with the hustle bustle of mundane life?
  • How would one know that the spiritual Guru he/ she has reached is the correct one? – esp. when there is a Guru supermarket available and people are actually busy in Guru shopping?
  • People change Gurus…but seldom change themselves!- Why?


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