Take the light of Sahaja Yoga above everything else!

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Extract of talk on Attention, on 27/01/1977 at an International Sahaja Yoga Seminar, in Bordi, India.

Sahaja means “It’s born with you.”

Sahaja -doesn’t mean easy. Many people confuse.

You have now got your right… that one was born with you.. so now,  for you it is necessary..to know that you are a Sahaja and that you are not going to accept any thing that is Asahaja (non-sahaj/against sahaja).

Sahaja means that you take the light of Sahaja above everything else over the darkness and not to accept darkness which is Asahaja.

So how can you have habits which give you sympathetic bondage ?

Sahaja means you have a special subtle awareness. A king doesn’t clean the streets.

On the physical side your attention is lost like that because you indulge into all Asahaja methods that you had before, that others have, you get lost into the Asahaja system of life.

You have to change the complete system of the whole world in which people become Sahaja and not Asahaja, then only the whole thing will become Sahaja for you.

It is a big misunderstanding about Sahaja-Yogis. They think “Oh when it will come Sahaja then we will do this work, then we’ll go round and talk to people-it should come Sahaja.

Nothing doing ! This is a very wrong attitude. Sahaja means that you have got the light of Sahaja within you and how can you tolerate anything else.

Means you must know how to dress up, how to talk, where to go, whom to meet. Who are your mothers, who are your sisters, who are your sons and who are your parents. That is how our attention is lost. Then your gross habits, your old life that was there that has to be chiselled out, is to be finished.

And you cannot go on, for if you go on, you’ll catch up here, you’ll catch up there, you’ll break your neck, then you’ll come to me-“Mother! I’ve broken my back, this has happened that has happened. It’s paining, I am getting hot I am getting headache, I am doing this.”

Till you become Sahaja it’ll go on working on you. But why not become yourself ? For example a human being cannot sleep like a dog, if he starts sleeping like a dog because there are all dogs around then he is going to get the pain. In the same way if you are going to be Asahaja, because all are Asahajas you are going to get into trouble; because the dog doesn’t feel, though he might be getting pain but he doesn’t feel it. You definitely feel it.

The person who is not yet reborn doesn’t feel, he gets the problem but he doesn’t feel; you can feel it and you jolly well have to give it up; sooner the better. If you don’t give it up then you are again going back to the same darkness and this new darkness may be hellish, can be terrible.

It’s better to die as human being because then you can go on being born again as animals, this and that. But to be born again and knowing you go on back again to your former habits, it can be very dangerous. That’s how I fix your attention by a little fear into your mind to your subtler being, the subtler being can only enjoy. In the morning you did enjoy the meditation, you had become subtler, I pushed down there. But you have to keep yourself subtler by remembering what has happened, how physically you felt nice.

One of the worst habits that human beings have is to see the watch.

It’s so painful to me when I am talking people see the watch. I just can’t bear it.

Because now you are beyond time, beyond space, what are you going to do by saving time ?

What have you done so far ? That shows your priorities.

Our priorities must change and you can change them easily once you start enjoying, once you have tasted the nectar of Divine Love (Amrit,) then you are not going to drink dirty water.

But you first of all remember that the joy that you enjoy. That is one way of fixing -so called fixing-your subtleties.

It’s the attention that gets covered by the gross things of life, even in the emotional side of it for example you have relationships. We have seen some Sahaja Yogis being lost like that. They had some very gross relationships with people, even Gurus and some of them were friends and some other dirty relationships you can say and they couldn’t give up and they are lost.

So you have to sit down and find out “Why am I not enjoying myself ? I am the loser, because of those things, if they were joy giving I would not have run towards them from one to another. They never satisfied me fully, so why to go back to them again ?”

Source – www.free-meditation.ca

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