At a higher evolutionary state, your attention becomes subtler.

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Talk on Attention, on 27/01/1977 at an International Sahaja Yoga Seminar, in Bordi, India.

“The quality of attention changes according to the state of your condition.

So where is the attention placed in the human being ? It is not a fixed point! We can say attention is the surface or the edge of awareness; wherever we are made aware the attention gets diverted to that point.

You can see from this analogy: All the filings of iron have got a power to be attracted towards the magnet. Where is that power, you cannot locate. It is all over. Wherever the magnet is placed the filings are attracted.

Our attention is also like that; that wherever we are attracted our attention goes there. It is existing in the whole body, in the sense that it can be diverted anywhere outside the body.

Also inside the body in case there is any pain or any trouble. It floats over the nerves, it floats over the whole nervous system; but there is a controlling centre in the brain.

If it is hit then we can remain conscious-but without any attention. Also if somebody is hit on the Vishuddhi Chakra it can happen. It can happen even in the lower Chakras, if somebody is hit, that portion will lose its attention because you cannot feel in that part.

The difference is this that you can pay attention to those points if you want to, even if they are numbed; for example, if any hand is numb I can pay attention to that; means I can look at it, I can think of it.

But there is a point in our being; if that is hit, then we cannot even think. We are just lying unconscious, they say, but eyes are open, hands are moving, legs are moving. That point is at the point of Vishuddhi chakra.

If you can draw a fine from here to the point where is the (pitha) of Vishuddhi chakra is inside the brain, along that line if you are hit anywhere you become attention-less, you cannot pay attention anywhere. This line also passes through Agnya chakra because when this point is connected with Vishuddhi chakra at the back if here, and at the pitha inside, a kind of triangle is formed and all this line on this area can affect your attention. Your heart is moving, Your limbs are moving but you can not pay attention anywhere.

So when you pay attention to something; actually you pay attention normally, when you are not realized, through your brain centres.

After realization you can pay attention through your other centres also, you do pay.

This is a very big difference between a person who is realized and who is not realized or you can say that you can become effective through your other centres by paying attention to them, you can feel the centres which are obstructed in your body which you never felt before.

Not only that, you can feel the centres of other people, that means your central nervous system is being blessed by a new awareness by which it can convey to you, communicate to you the Attention paid by your centres, and also it can take your Attention in a subtler way into the centres of others.

So first thing that happens to you is that your Attention becomes subtler. Attention becoming subtler means you start understanding deeper things. For example a bird can see a flower but cannot feel the beauty of a flower and a unrealized person can see the beauty of a flower but cannot see the vibrations of a flower. So you become subtler. Your Attention becomes subtler. You definitely are at a higher evolutionary stage than the other people are.


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