With Mahamaya Shakti only all the work is being done!

This work – this Chaitanya – that is flowing in the Universe – is this Mahamaya’s Shakti – and with this Mahamaya Shakti only all the work is being done.

Mahamaya Shakti

  • This Shakti – thinks, knows, understands everything properly and organizes everything.
  • And most important thing is that it “Loves” you and this love is ‘without interest’ (Nirvajya).
  • This love does not want anything from you, it only desires to give you, it desires your progress, it desires your well being.
  • But along with this, those things who want to be thorns, put obstacles in your way, put up fights or in any way trouble you, all those people should essentially be destroyed.
  • But for this you don’t put in your energy. You should only invite this power ‘avahan’ (call) the Devi and then you tell them to destroy these demonic people.
  • This is a big thing and you have a relief that anyone who is trying to trouble you, abuse you, dominate you, you have a special state in you which is “Nirvichar”.

Everything you should see in a ‘witness state’.

Like a mad person is after you, what do you have to do with him? Watch his madness, mental torture, his difficulties and you laugh at him. What a fool he is? You do not have to take any trouble for him. For this you only have to enter your fort – that is ‘Nirvicharita’.


In Nirvicharita all the Shaktis which are loving, joy giving, nurturing will come to you.

But so long as you remain busy with this, or remain busy with this thought that how I shall remove this, how to destroy this or how to remedy it. This will reflect on you not on him.

Ramdas-swami has said “Alpadharishtaya Pahije”. Whatever little courage you have is being watched by Paramatma.

But you have so many Shaktis in You, so many, that you should:

  • awaken them,
  • know them,
  • let them bloom,
  • be happy and
  • respect yourself.


Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi | 1988-10-16 Sixth Day of Navaratri 1988 Pune

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