Process of How we can show both our films in Cinema Halls in any city of the World

1)Qube or Scrabble Satellite Systems in India have a tie up in Your Country with Cinema Theater owners / local Distribution system.

2) Our Production House ( IIHF) is also the sole Distributor of both the Films.

3) We will upload the Films on the server of Qube/Scrabble. Qube/ Scrabble will digitally transmit the Film(s) to the Cinema Theater’s server & projection system, whenever a show is decided to screen the Film’s.

4) The Your Country’s Film Distribution network will have it’s process in place with their local Cinema Theaters in the cities of your country.

5) Your Local / Central Sahaja Yoga Institutions/ Collectives in your Country will need to first Identify the Cinema Halls in their respective cities/ areas where you prefer to show the film(s).

6) Qube/ Scrabble will provide us a list of the Cinema Theaters in the Cities ( tied up with them), where they can screen our films via digital Sattelite transfer using the local Cinema chain & Distribution network in your country..

7) We will also share a list of all such Cinema Theaters operated through Qube/ Scrabble we can screen our films Sattelite systems using the above process.

8) There will be your wish list of Cinema Theaters with approx dates & time(s) you wish to hold our Film Screenings ( your choice)

9) We will find a common denominator where your wish list and our limited Cinema list can be matched.

10) Once the Cinema Halls, date & timing of show(s) have been determined, your Collectives of those respective areas will have to purchase all the tickets ( for seating capacity as negotiated by them with the Cinema Theater owners), thereby guaranteeing both the Theater owners & your country’s Distribution System their revenue models.

11) Once the above is done. Qube/ Scrabble will automatically screen the film(s) in those respective Theaters

Our Responsibility

While we will work towards identifying which Satellite network will work in your country, we will also look at the feasibility of organising a tripartite arrangement between your local film distribution network, Cinema Theater owners & the Indian Satellite system ( Qube or Scrabble). For this purpose we will first complete the formalities of loading both our films in both the Satellite networks in advance.

Your Responsibility

You will fix the dates & the Cinema Halls in the different cities you wish to screen our Film(s). You will have to meet the Cinema Hall owners for arranging the Film Screenings at appropriate timings to arrive at a fixed ticket cost. These tickets you will have to guarantee them with full payment or negotiate hire of the Cinema Theater.

Note: You will have the option to allow new seekers or interested new comers to purchase their own tickets, or your collective pays for them to watch these film for free. I would strongly recommend that the First Film – Grihalakshmi The Awakening, must be sponsored by the Collectives respectively, and the audiences should be shown for free . This is because we have included Shree Mataji’s Self Realisation Video in the Film. But for the second film MAHALAKSHMI PATH THE EVOLUTION, it can be shown via normal tickets sales. Else this too can be sponsored by your respective Collectives. That would be entirely their call.

We at IIHF , do wish to continue doing the good work of spreading Sahaja Yoga through our films in future. Hence we certainly appeal to all Collectives to donate generously to our NGO to help us recover our costs of production as well as continue doing the good work.

We are certain that such films on Sahaja Yoga, is the way forward to spreading Sahaja Yoga, in light of the 100th Birth Anniversary of Shree Mataji.

What better gift can we offer to our Divine Mother?

Jai Shree Mataji
Sanjay Roshan Talwar
Managing Trustee
Immaculate Ideal human Foundation

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