Cinema influences young minds that contribute to the making or breaking of our society; our culture; human dignity & above all, fundamental human values.

Looking back, have we ever imagined how Cinema has played it’s role in defining ways to commit crimes, and degrade human dignity? – be it an open invitation to sex, catering to lust, greed, hatred or killing using justifiable creative content – shown both in magnitude & technical finesse in blockbusters — all in the name of entertainment, purely financial gains.

Outcome – Deteriorating law & order situations. The right to life is under threat of extinction. Yet it is the most glorified & sought after, under the full glare of the media.

Have we ever realised, how much this chosen path is influencing our future generations? They are heading towards perilous times. One needs to wonder why bad times have already befallen us. The five elements are wreaking havoc with hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires & global warming with the onset of deadly viruses, and diseases. There is increasing stress & depression, communal disharmony fostered by hatred, and intolerance. The list goes on & on.

It’s time to pause, and think about those few filmmakers who used Cinema to bring families together, upholding cultural & spiritual values, that gave credence to human dignity & honour. In today’s world, these greats, who used Cinema to bring hope, love, peace & brotherhood, are slowly getting drowned in this humdrum to the new age of destructive Cinema.

Well, here is some good news for you. There is hope to reverse this trend & find solutions to problems being created by our present cinematic content. This is so because today our audiences are coming of age to realise, that they need to get out of this mess.

It is for them, that IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATION has taken the bold initiative to make a clean film – Grihalakshmi – The Awakening.

Released in April 2019, this family entertainer brings to the fore, the culmination of this intense human desire to discover his own powers – his spirit within. Going deep down in his meditative state, he discovers a new world of hope & emancipation. It is a discovery in these times where many are benefitting in over 100 countries.

Our creative team came together for this reason. We found this experiment very fascinating, when we privately released the film “Grihalakshmi – The Awakening” in Cinemas across India & worldwide. Result: 100% Housefull shows in over 200 screenings pan-India.

“Proof of the pudding lies in its eating” is an old proverb that we noticed manifesting. Watch it’s performance on this link (

The seed for revival has been sown. Our upcoming film provides that perfect nourishment. Look out for our next production “MAHALAKSHMI PATH – THE EVOLUTION”. It is almost ready to hit the screens. A perfect Bollywood-style presentation, that will make you sit up, asking for more.

We take great pleasure & pride in sharing with you the amazing technical support & professional touch given to both our films by the faculty, staff & Alumni of WHISTLING WOODS INTERNATIONAL (WWI), a brainchild of the Great film Maker & lifetime achievement award recipient Shri Subhash Ghai ji. His institution was overwhelmed by our deep desire to sow the seed of positive cinema, and they extended us all the support to make it a reality.

Endowed with Tax-Free Status from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, a Certificate of Honour from Ministry of Ayush & decorated with several selections & awards at International Film Festivals, “Grihalakshmi The Awakening” sows the seed of a new age transformational film – MUST watch.

We embark on a journey to create yet another movie. Watch out for a heart-opening & heart-warming family drama MAHALAKSHMI PATH – THE EVOLUTION Watch it’s short promo videos at (

It’s time to create a new trend in positive cinema.

Are you with us? If Yes, then please come forward & support our initiative.

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