Creating Beautiful Shri Ganesha Idols – Nachiketa Turkane

Procedure To Make Ganesha Idols :-

Material Required –

Shadu soil
Acrylic Colour
Paint Brushes
A Container To Mix the mixture


1- Take A Shadu Soil ( Depends on the size )
This murti above is around 1 and half feet it required 6 kg shadu soil

2 – vibrate it in front of shree maa and leave it for 1 day

3 – Then meditate in fron of maa and ask for permission and pray to mother you are doer and Enjoyer you only please use me your instrument to make this idol and recite shree ganesh atharva shishya

4 – Mix 1/4 of vibrated water in shadu soil and make it semi solid

5- after making the mixture semi solid like clay you can give it shape by continuously reciting shree ganesh atharva shishya

6 – After the idol is complete let it dry for 1 day

7- Next Day Use A White Primer And Paint the whole Murti with white primer replat this exercise for 3 days

8 – after the primer is dried after 3 days you can use acrylic poster colours to paint the murti

9 – after the murti is completed keep it in front of mother and thank shree maa for successfully completing this idol

10 – Then you can use this idol for pooja

Note – If You Want To Do Visarjan Of The Idol After ganesh pooja you can do visarjan eco-friendly in a pot and plant a plant ☘️ To Make Nature Clean And Green ?

—– @ Nachiketa Turkane
Pune , Maharashtra

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