World Redemption through Creative Cinema

From the desk of : Sanjay Roshan Talwar, Founder – Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation.

The project Gruhalakshmi is an offering of an awakened group of creative artists, who for the first time in the history of Creative Cinama have come together, as experts in their field of specialisation, offering their best of talent at the Lotus feet of the Great Goddess in her swaroop of Mahalakshmi, who in modern times incarnated as HH Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi & took her samadhi in 2011.
Her only mission was to lift human beings into a state of higher awareness about their own existence by discovering within themselves an inner power gifted to them at birth, that can redeem them from a mundane life of human miseries, diseases, inabilities to cope with the growing pressures of materialism and opportunism that casts a spell of fear in everyone – the fear of survival.
In this world of cut-throat competition to outdo the other, man is ferociously engaged in fighting against time to load himself with material wealth and well being, little realizing that all these pursuits are momentary and illusive. What is permanent is our power with which we are born. That power, we have never bothered to discover within, as quite blindfoldedly we all are racing in a routine of mundane existence, far away from what we really need for ourselves. The advent of the Adi Shakti in these modern times has opened doors for us humans to be able to realize this real hidden powerful Self of ours, discover it, feel it and use it to overcome the ills of our own misadventures.

A new community of human beings has taken birth – The Realized Souls

A new community of human beings has taken birth, under the guidance of this Supreme Goddess, HH Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi . Today, they enjoy the grace of her blessings of Self Realising their own Powers, identifying with them, feeling them in their own nerves, and using them to overcome the ills of modern existence. Its a process of Meditation attained simply through thoughtlessness and surrender to the Supreme Power of the all pervading Energy of the whole creation. The power of the Almightly, whom we refer to as God.
Its humbling to see so many creative people who have taken to this form of Meditation called Sahaja yoga Meditation, who, with its sustained practice, have found a tremendous transformation in themselves & now they are empowered to help others rise and save themselves from destruction. The inner powers nurtured by them have virtually lifted all their problems of modern life, giving them the ultimate state of existence in good health, well being & joy, that cannot be paralleled with any kind of material wealth, power or position in life. A feeling of total contentment engulfs their lives. They virtually become their own gurus, being guided by their own pure desire to live a life of love and mutual coexistence.
This is the biggest gift to Mankind that has been bestowed in these modern times. We started this NGO – Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation to provide a platform to these greatly enlightened creative artists to come together under one umbrella and showcase through such powerful films, how we can achieve this social change as a collective happening, irrespective of our colour, caste, religion, nationality & status.

Film “Gruhalakshmi”

One such film “Gruhalakshmi” produced to introduce this unique form of meditation to one and all. Our supporters are our donors, or all those who desire to bring this social revolution that will bring lasting peace on this planet. With so much bad news being circulated everyday on every media, it is a rarity to see or feel anything good about life. Well, this is what is intended here, to change our vision, and begin to see, share and experience this amazing transformation happen in the lives of all our brethren, no matter how far or close they are in any corner of the world.
This Meditation has brought together people from all walks of life in over 150 countries, who live like one family, help each other & support each other. Its really a new world of existence that each one of us is currently experiencing. And we want to bring this knowledge into the minds & hearts of all seekers of this truth, so that they too can experience the joy of living and giving. We want to change life’s perspective from grabbing to giving, from harming to protecting & from disheartening to a heart full of love & understanding.. Our film has been designed to begin the process of this change.

Watch the videos on the making of Gruhalakshmi:

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