Sahaja yoga – The key to all round joy & success


[2 Sahajayogis: SY1 (MALE), SY2 (FEMALE)]+ Seeker: Henry


SY1 – Hi Henry! Why are you so worried?

H- Even a casual read of today’s newspapers reveals that the world we live is in a bad state.We are beset with problems that seem beyond our abilities to solve: increasing levels of stress, rising unemployment in the so called developing countries.Only the climate is warming; while the hearts of the societies seem to have grown cold.

SY1- At the time of confusion when the protective walls of certainties are being lowered and options start dancing before the puzzled mind, we need to sharpen our awareness.

H- So, where will I find solace?

SY2- You will become joyous if you join Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

H- Sahaja Yoga Meditation? What is it?

SY1- Sahaja Yoga Meditation is simply connecting with God, the Almighty, the source of all creation.

SY2- It is the science of our creation and getting back to the divine source – of manifesting our divinity, also known as Self Realization.

H- Can I come with you to attend the meditation session? How much will I have to pay?

SY1- You are welcome to join us, but you cannot pay for what you own already, dear! God belongs to everyone. Our Guru, Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi has given us the blessing of connecting with the divine for free, we don’t charge anyone for teaching the meditation procedure!

H- That’s great!

SY2- At present, persons from more than 100 countries are following Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

SY1- The amazing thing about Sahaja Yoga is that it proves what it sets forth. There is no blind acceptance of a set of beliefs; there is a mechanism, the existence and effects of which are verifiable on our central nervous system.

Join us for free meditation workshop in nearby locality on every weekend.

SY2- Indeed, we’ve free meditation session in almost every city and even in several villages every week.

H- I look forward to be a part of this glorious meditation organization!

Written by-

  • Gregoire de Kalbermatten’s book “The Advent” (extracts taken from this book)
  • Aditya Chourasiya (final compilation)

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