Pasaydaan – The summary of Dnyaneshwari by Saint Dnyaneshwar

Pasaydaan, one of the most wonderful blessings asked to the Almighty by Saint Dnyaneshwar !


Saint Dnyaneshwar (1275-1296 AD), who is regarded as one of the most respected saints in Maharashtra, was a great poet. At the age of mere 15 yrs, he completed the composition of “Bhavarth Deepika” better known as “Dnyaneshwari” (composed in 9000 ovis or stanzas), where he explained the sacred Hindu scripture in layman’s language (Prakrit – Marathi) at that time (@1290 A.D.) prevailed in Maharashtra.

Dnyashwari is considered to be a masterpiece in Marathi literature. At the end of which Saint Dnyaneshwar asks for the blessings of the Almighty through this Pasaydaan (9 ovis/stanzas) which is considered as the summary of Dnyaneshwari.

This is the  Pasaydaan narration by ‘Ram Shewalkar’ in Marathi .


Now, ‘O’ God, The entire Cosmos Divine | Be pleased with this pious word offering of mine ||

Grant me in good will benign | Your Benevolent Grace Divine ||1||

May the evil minded, their wickedness shed | May their intellect turn to pious and good deeds instead ||

May all living beings find themselves bonded | By friendly ties of soul companionship ||2||

May the darkness of ignorant disappear | May the universe see the Sun of self consciousness ||

May whatsoever aspirations of those be fulfilled | Of all living beings ||3||

May shower all over the pious bliss Divine | May the world be full of Saintly beings benign ||

May incessantly in the Universe | Meet the living beings ||4||

Moving groves of wish granting trees | Colonies of conscious wish fulfilling jewels ||

These saints are, speaking oceans | Full of pious Nectarly Divine ||5||

A Moon without a smear | A Sun without a hot sear ||

Always to one and all, these hallowed saints | Become kith and kin dear ||6||

Let all beings be completely satisfied and happy | Fully contented in all the three world ||

Engrossed and merged in devotion | Eternally, of ultimate Divine ||7||

And those who live by this scripture Divine | Eternally guiding all living beings ||

Be victorious over seen unforeseen | In this world and beyond ||8||

Here, said, the lord of the Universe | This shall become thy Grace Divine ||

And with this blissful Grace Divine | Jnandeva became ever joyous and happy benign ||9||


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