Dear brother Sanjay, we, the Sahaja yogis of Russia, cordially congratulate you on your Birthday (24.07.2021)! We wish you success in all your affairs and in your life!  We wish you all the blessings of our Great Mother – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi!  Jay Shri Mataji!



I am SANJAY TALWAR, a Sahaj musician who was reborn by Grace and with the personal support of Shri Mataji on July 4, 1984. My Awareness in Sahaja was given to Shri Mataji in London when I was invited by Her Holiness to Sahaja Yoga after my younger sister’s wedding to the son of my older brother Shri Mataji on March 9, 1982. Since November 2006, more than 18 audio CDs with more than 130 bhajans and video DVDs have been provided. Until March 2003, I was a chemical technologist by profession. She saw me as a tourism professional and pushed me to conduct Her world tours from January 1993, asking me to bring world tourism into the form of a genuine spiritual experience for all seekers of truth. Since then, I have been engaged in the tourism business as a livelihood and support my Music to appear at several world forums organized by Sahaja Yogis around the world.

Shri Mataji Sama promoted my new job and my music to Sahaja Yogas and later gave me the opportunity to deal with it on my own. On December 10, 2002, She spoke to me about promoting these initiatives to spread Sahaja Yoga through my music and world tourism, as She felt that now each of us yogis whom She had nurtured and fed over the years had to accept the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga to the whole world in his daily activities, work and talent acquired through Her Grace. She talked about jealousy that needs to be broken through forgiveness and Love, and that it only takes humility, using vibrations to make important decisions. It was the only tool that made us yogis more powerful than even the Ghanas and Angels, who also recognized that the upper power would go only to the true son/daughter of Shri Mataji. He, too, will open the floodgates of possibility and perform human miracles to assure Her children that they are indeed under Her divine protection and can reach incomprehensible heights that are usually impossible for people. Through the concept of “Ritambhara Pragnya”, she showed how even the elements (of which our chakras are composed) come together to create a suitable environment and atmosphere for the beneficial work of Sahaja.

I spent long hours with Adi Shakti to understand this subtle work of the Divine, and She showed me this by allowing the relevant poetry to flow through my being and then working on it to create poems that could be matched with musical compositions whose vibrations and certain subtle combinations had the power to give Self-realization and instant meditation to seekers of truth. There were times when she would just start writing poems that I had to write down very quickly because it never happened again. She was just speaking in a stream of words, and quite miraculously the musical composition flowed out of my being. A moment later, a new bhajan was ready. She helped me translate these bhajans into English so that all my Sahaja brothers and sisters could benefit from this work. She told me that I should bring this music to the whole world as it would really work for Awareness in the future. She gave me many bandhans to assure me that my path would never be met with obstacles, for it was the work of the Divine, and the doors would be constantly opened for me, provided that I made the desired effort and kept a pure desire in my heart, fully nourished by love, compassion and benevolence for the world as a whole. Finally she said that we are only talking about love and love. I have to take care of certain subtle ego games that I can play; but as long as I allowed my thoughtless and stateless states to be fueled by constant meditation, it never interfered.

She laughed and said that no one on earth can destroy the work of God, and that I must always remember that I am only the chosen instrument for the Lord to play His Music, and my only job is  to make sure that I keep this instrument clean. She has blessed me again and again and said that now nothing can stop you, and you do not need to ask anyone for any permission for what you do, “for the Guru forever blesses you to accept your powers and never doubt them.” Since then, I have been bathed in Her eternal words and live in divine bliss. I know that human life is limited, and any talents and powers are forever. the things that our Mother has endowed us with must be used in our lives to be able to complete the work for which She came down to Earth. I have already accepted several calls for the promotion of music, art and culture in the form of the spread of the Sahaj Vibrations through the miraculous creations that took place in the presence of the Mother. I also continue to create more music, and I have plans that one day there will be a full-fledged TV channel that will broadcast the will of the Mother through all the Sahaj Artists of the World.

There are also plans to launch a World Tourism Enterprise where the true values and culture of the Sahaja will be presented to all tourists wishing to visit India to get their share of the true “spiritual experience”. Although I do not have the means of my own to advance these initiatives, I do have a wealth of faith and faith in my Mother that She has already blessed this, and I just need to maintain my efforts and desires in their pure form with the constant nourishment of love, compassion and bliss that will come from the Collective Consciousness and all my brothers and sisters. who belong to it. This is how I intend to spread Sahaja Yoga in my life. I need your good wishes and active participation to help me realize this dream in my life. That’s all I’d like to share with my entire Sahaj family. I am sure that many of us will have wonderful experiences and stories with our Divine Mother. All I would like to share with them is that this is a time for each of you to rise up and shine in Her glory. There can be no better fulfillment of life than this wonderful work of Sahaja. I wish all of us good luck, good wishes and many joint events. We are really very lucky that we can experience the same feelings in our hearts. So, let’s start enjoying the joy of giving, and what could be better than that?!

Jay Shri Mataji!

Your brother


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