Life’s Philosophy – A Discussion

3 friends met after a long time. Casually, they started talking about Life

A. Left Sided Person – Lefty Pastron

B. Sahajayogi / Realized Soul– Mr. Balance Middleton

C. Right Sided Person – Righto Futurist

A: What a pitiful life I live? There is no Happiness around. I work in a Softwarecompany where I am paid meagre salary. I wish if I could have been able to crack the Interview in a good company during my college days, then my life would have been far more comfortable, then what I’m living today. I regret for the mistakes I had committed in my past.

C: I work in the famous multinational company ‘Zeitgeist’ as Product Manager. But, I am not satisfied with my job profile. Though, I own a bungalow, but still I wish to buy a palace and earn more fame in the society.

A: Sounds awesome!

B: I am the owner of this cafe. There are times when losses incurred in the trade are high and also there are times, when my profits are maximum. It all happens due to fluctuation in the prices of various commodities. But, I feel absolutely satisfied with my life.

A: Oh really, do you? How is it that you do not have regrets for your past?

B: I tryto live in the present. Why should I keep on thinking about the thing which has already happened in my life in the past? There is no benefit to think about it as I have passed that phase of life and hence I do not regret for the past.I have learnt whatever I had to learn – I don’t need to repeat the same thing again and again and again! Oh! Such a boring thing to do.

C: I am having trouble believing you, and how are you so satisfied with this uncertain life? Don’t you have any plans for your future?

B: Future does not exist, my friend. Who has seen the next moment of my life? Although, I have done enough savings for my future. But, to excessively plan and develop futuristic attitude will take me nowhere and only add to my worries.For example, in future my children will grow – in a way my children are my future – so I am taking good care of their present – arranging good food, good education ….am I not preparing for my future while I do all that in the present… plus enjoying the little mischief of my children and trying to answer to their curiosity…am doing all that in the present!

A: Your viewpoints are quite simple, yet attractive. So, how do you define life?

C: Yes, I too agree with A and would like to listen from you what is life?

B: Well, Life is neither in the past, nor in the future; rather it is in the present, in the moment that we are living. We, human beings, have a tendency to hanker about things which are not in our hands. We often waste our entire lives in this monotonous cycle of thoughts of past and future. Did we ever thought about the present?

Mr. A, do you know how fortunate are you? Imagine, the situation of a poor man who is unable to arrange for 2 meals in a day for his hungry family. I think you live a far more comfortable life than that man. Don’t you?

A: Yes, of course, I understand.

B: And Mr. C, do rememberthat the world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed. Everything in this world is perishable. We all live in a bubble thinking that it will last forever, but seldom do we realize that this small bubble may burst in no time and we will have to leave this world. Therefore, we should enjoy each and every moment of our lives as it is both precious and priceless.

C: Indeed, my dear friend. Thanks, for taking me to reality.

A: What is the secret behind your philosophy of life?

B: Sahajayoga Meditation!

C: What has Sahaja Yoga done for you?

B: To try to answer the question “What has Sahaja Yoga done for me?” is like trying to answer the question “What has being able to breathe done for me?” Everything. It has transformed the way I live my life, the way I enjoy life, the way I understand life. Before Sahaja Yoga I was always looking for a meaning upon which to base my existence. I became frustrated as there seemed no ultimate answer to What is good or bad, right or wrong. How could I conduct my life according to principles if I didn’t know which principles?The amazing thing about Sahaja Yoga is that it proves what it sets forth. There is no blind acceptance of a set of beliefs or techniques; there is a mechanism, the existence and effects of which are verifiable on our central nervous system. This mechanism is applicable to all fields of life, and on every level – mental, emotional, physical, etc.

A: I look forward to be a part of this glorious meditation organization!

C: Me too!


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  1. Jai Shree Mataji….
    hello sir, im a one of the sahajyogi from Jalna, Maharashtra. I am also doing my studies in Animation and i really dont know about the IIHF and you all do a great job of spreading sahajyoga. I would like to tell you that i’am also interested to work with our sahaj family and mainly in i love your animated short films and i love to work with u. If there is any work that u want to give me to do for sahajyoga so plz let me know plz…. I really want to contribute my skills for sahajyoga.
    Thank u please let me knw if anything i do for your future projects.

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