Grihlakshmi The Awakening (English Version)
To be released on 26th February 2021

Dear Sahaji Brothers and Sisters,

We are pleased to inform that the English version (dubbed in English) of the film Grihalakshmi – The Awakening is soon to be released on theatres complying with UFO standards. We have added an extra 20 mins to the film where Shri Mataji Herslef is give self realization!

It is therefore a golden opportunity for Sahaja yogis to go all out and promote the film where the viewers will get the chance of a lifetime to get their self realization after the film.

Our NGO, Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation, will arrange to play this film in theatres (both UFO- DCI and non-DCI versions available) free of cost. The viewers will not pay for the tickets.

Sahaja Yogi volunteers should keep the following on mind-

  1. Only book those theatres where the film is shown by the UFO satellite.
  2. Inform us by 11 February so that we can take our film to theatres you have booked.
  3. UFO satellite facility is available all across India, you just have to decide on the day and time between 26th February to 4th March, 2021 and let us know.
  4. The viewers should not be charged for the tickets.
  5. Local expenses – like hiring/booking the slot and co-ordination with the movie-hall owner etc. will be borne by the local collective/ volunteers.
  6. The charge for satellite screening film will be borne by our NGO.
  7. You can play this film on any day from 26 February to 4 March, or if you wish, you can play it throughout the week and give chance to more new seekers.

Turn the Movie hall into a Public Program Venue!!

We humbly request you all to fulfil this dream of Shri Mataji. Please come forward and participate in our efforts to take promote Sahaja Yoga more effectively.

For screenings and any other assistance, please feel free to contact us, we are ready to support you in every way.

Please click on the link below for the English trailer?

Call us for any help, also, once you book the theatre hall with the time slot and day, you need to let us know about it:

Sanjay Roshan Talwar
Mo. 98112 03017

For Any Inquiry pls feel free to call-
Rajendra Rinwa
Mob. 70004 35255, 9826400276

Darshika Kesarwani
Mob. 9454112189

Shubham Gautam
Mob. 78276 18262

Immaculate Ideal Human Foundation

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