IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATION take immense pleasure in releasing the English Version of the Film in Cinema Theatres all across India effective 29th Jan 2021.

All Theatres that Utilise the Screening services of the UFO or Scrabble Sattelite systems are authorised to Screen the film.

Please select a Cinema Theatre near to you and hire same for screening shows for the entire week starting Friday 29th January 2021 till Thursday 04th Feb 2021 for as many shows as you wish to book.

Bring seekers/ new people or new Sahaja Yogis to the Theatre to watch the film. The last 20 mins of the film has Shree Mataji herself granting Self Realisation.

In the history of Indian Cinema / World Cinema this is the first Bollywood Feature film shown ever on the large screen using 2K Technology & 5.1 Dolby Sound, that has the complete introduction of Sahaja Yoga with Shree Mataji’s Self Realisation video.

This film has the, potential to grant enmass Self Realisation to very large audiences upto the full capacity of the Cinema Hall you hire.

This film is being shown by us free of charge. No money must be charged to those whom you bring to the Theatre to watch this film. However, the cost of hiring the Theatre and other related local expenses to accommodate the audiences to watch the film, will have to be borne by the local organising Sahaja Yoga collectives through contribution to meet all such expenses at your end.

The film screening Satellite charges will be borne by our NGO. We are not charging any fee for showing the film. All those collectives who have the desire to give Self Realisation to audiences they wish to show the film, must contact me or Mr Rajendra Rinwa to help you screen the film at a Theatre nearest to you.

You have the option to show the film for the entire week starting from 29th January, at a showtime of your choosing. Or you can show the film on any convenient day(s) ie day 1 to day 7 of this entire week. We will ensure that the film is screened on the, date(s) & time of your choosing.

This is a golden opportunity for you to spread Sahaja Yoga through this film & fulfill the purpose of the Incarnation of Shree Mataji.

We feel fully blessed & humbled at Her Lotus Feet to provide each and every Sahaja Yogi of India & Overseas this opportunity to keep showing this film in Cinema Theatres close to where they reside.

There are over 7000 Cinema Halls, across India where you can show the film. All it takes is your pure desire. Just like you arrange for doing Public Programs, you just have to hire Cinema Hall’s. Bring audiences to the Theatre and the rest of the work the film shall do.

That is the promise we at IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATION bring to all of you. Please take full benefit of this beautiful opportunity being provided to you. Remember to visit our website and help us with our mission.

Call now to book your film at a Theatre nearest to you, and start a public program in the comfort of a Cinema Theatre. The film is of 94 duration.

Here is the link of the English film – Grihalakshmi – The Awakening.


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Rajendra Rinwa
70004 35255

Jai Shree Mataji

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