Film Mahalakshmi Path gets officially selected at the 11th Noida International Film Festival-24

Explore the journey of “Mahalakshmi Path – The Evolution” as it gets officially selected at the 11th Noida International Film Festival-24! Join us in this YouTube video as we dive into the filmmaker’s perspective:

a. Acknowledgment: Gratitude to the 11th Noida International Film Festival-24 for the official selection.

b. Idea Genesis: Uncover the inspiration and driving force behind the creation of “Mahalakshmi Path – The Evolution.”

c. Initial Hurdles: Delve into the initial challenges and roadblocks faced during the inception of the project.

d. Resource Management: Gain insights into the intricate process of managing both human and financial resources in the film production.

e. On-Set Challenges: Discover the challenges encountered during the shooting of the film.

f. Evolution from Vision: Explore the evolution of the film from its initial concept to the final product, and the differences therein.

g. Target Audience & USP: Learn about the identified target audience and the unique selling propositions that make this film stand out.

h. Promotion & Distribution: Get an overview of the planned promotion and distribution strategies for “Mahalakshmi Path – The Evolution.”

i. Audience Appeal: Uncover the reasons why the audience should invest their time in watching this film, along with any messages for emerging filmmakers.

Join us on this insightful journey, gaining a deeper understanding of the creative process and the unique aspects that make “Mahalakshmi Path – The Evolution” a must-watch film!

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