DISSOLVING POWERS TO GET POWERS – How to become a true Sahaja Yogi?

  1. The day is significant for the Gurus, aligned with the third Chakra of the Nabhi, marking the beginning of Mahalakshmi’s energy.
  2. Mahalakshmi represents the subtle form of desires and hankering, transitioning from physical and mental powers to spiritual powers.
  3. Leaders or Gurus need to move beyond mere Lakshmi tattwas and embrace sacrifice and detachment for true leadership.
  4. Mahalakshmi worship involves dissolving personal powers, making oneself powerless for the divine powers of God Almighty to work through.
  5. Surrender, often misunderstood, involves letting go of ego and conditioning, paving the way for spiritual growth.
  6. Simply repeating teachings like a parrot won’t influence followers; real transformation comes from embodying the values in one’s own life.
  7. In Sahaja Yoga, the emphasis is on practical implementation, showcasing qualities like beauty, composure, care, concern, and love to inspire others.


Today is the day of the Gurus because [it] is the third day, the third Chakra of the Nabhi. [At] the same one we have the starting point of the Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi energy starts working after you have finished with the Lakshmi tattwa. If the Gurus are still busy with the Lakshmi tattwas, have no sense of sacrifice, have no sense of detachment they cannot be called as leaders.

The Mahalakshmi is the subtle form of our hankering, of our desires, is the subtlest, the epitome. Because first we search for power through physical, mental, emotional and ultimately we want to have spiritual powers also to impress others.

In Sahaja Yoga you come here to dissolve all your powers. You become so powerless that all the powers of God Almighty start working through you.

Supposing this instrument (pointing to the microphone She is talking into) has some powers I won’t be able to handle this. It would be going here, there and there. So to worship Mahalakshmi one has to remember that you must dissolve all your powers. That is the surrender that is what is ‘Islam’ as they call it. But these are all words for people.

Surrender is a very difficult thing to understand for human beings. They think “I can’t surrender.” What do you have to surrender, is nothing but your ego and your conditioning.

All these things I am telling you but if you learn them by heart like a parrot, you can repeat. That will have no influence on your followers. Unless and until you show in your own life that beauty, that composure, that care, that concern, that love, nobody is going to listen to a parrot. The meaning has to come from the practices not from the percepts. This is what Sahaja Yoga [is], which is very different from any other spiritual announcements.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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