Duties & Responsibilities of Sahaja Yogis

  • Strengthen your power of desire. Reflect on the efforts you have made in this regard and assess the hard work you’ve put into your spiritual journey.
  • Enhance the depth of your meditation. Consider yourself a saint and contemplate the responsibilities that come with this elevated status. What actions should you take as someone who has been granted the status of a saint by Mother?
  • Make yourself spiritually whole. Focus on self-improvement, but don’t stop there. After achieving personal growth, explore how you can contribute to the collective spiritual progress.
  • Engage in collective activities. Participate in programs and gatherings that foster a sense of collectivity. Recognize that your spiritual journey extends beyond individual practices.
  • Evaluate your progress. After receiving the blessing of a second birth through your spirit, assess how you are advancing in your spiritual journey. Consider whether you are utilizing your spiritual gifts solely for personal benefit or extending them to others.
  • Work for Sahaja Yoga. Actively contribute to the collective efforts of Sahaja Yoga. Working with others will reveal any shortcomings or negative aspects within yourself that may still need addressing.
  • Avoid materialistic pursuits. Some individuals may enter Sahaja Yoga with the intention of making money. Recognize that the true purpose is not financial gain but the awakening of dharma.
  • Establish dharma. Focus on upholding righteous principles and establishing dharma in your life. Resist engaging in activities that go against the spiritual values of Sahaja Yoga.
  • Refrain from watching impure content. In Bombay, certain adharmic trends, especially in films, have emerged. Avoid watching films lacking purity and content that goes against the values upheld by Sahaja Yoga.
  • Influence the film industry positively. Choose not to support movies that lack purity and family-friendly content. By boycotting such films, you contribute to shifting the industry’s focus towards creating movies suitable for all family members.

Duties of Sahaja Yogis


Original Lecture:

I want that your power of desire should get stronger, too. You should think for yourself what you have done in this regard. You should introspect and see that what hard work have you done for it. You meditate.… You should bring depth in your meditation. You should think that you are a saint and see what you should do. Mother has made you a saint and now what should you do?

You have to make yourself all right. No doubt, you should make yourself all right, but after that when it is done, then what do you do? You go in collectivity. You go into programs and it is limited to that.

What have you done further? You have got this blessing through your spirit. Spirit has given you second birth, so you should see further now what are you doing? How are you progressing or are you are using it only for yourself and for your children?

It is very important because I have seen that even after getting Self Realization, people have short-comings. They are not completely cleansed. If you don’t get one together with the others and work for Sahaj Yoga, then you will never come to know that what short-comings and negative aspects you have within. Even people come and make money.… There are many people who come to Sahaj Yoga and make money. Later on they are exposed, no doubt, and can be seen, but unnecessarily it is troublesome, so what is the use?

You have not come here to make money. You have come here to awaken your dharma. You should establish dharma.

I have heard that in Bombay many kind of adharmas have started, which were not at all here in the past twenty-five years — especially the films. There is very little purity in them. You should not at all see such films. If you people don’t see such movies, then they will not be shown at all, they cannot run. You can understand it that no one likes such movies. People want that such movies should be made which the whole family can go and see together.


Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

New Year’s Eve Puja: You Should Be Satisfied Within | Kalwa (India)

December 31st, 2001

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