What happens with the awakening of Kundalini ?

1970-0101, Letter (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE)

My dear Sahajyogi,

The human mind is beset with many a distractions.
When relieved of them, knowledge enables us to attain immense joy. Due to awakening of Kundalini, your mind is free from many distractions :

(1) You have to become aware that KUNDALINI in man is a ‘living- power’. It is indeed a reality.
(2) Every human being is endowed with this power and it is easily awakened in innocent and simple minded persons.
(3) This awakening of Kundalini is not achieved as a result of any “Karma”. Still however, if the ‘Sadhak’ is crooked, it
will not be awakened. The reason is, even when Kundalini is not active, it is aware of the past deeds of such a Sadhak.
Kundalini discriminates; and being the mother- fountain of the ‘Sadhaks’, she is “witness” to their good and bad deeds. Further, by the grace of Kundalini, the deceased mind and body of the Sadhak get cured.
(4) The Kundalini Power is the embodiment of the ‘will-power’ of Bhagwati —the Divine Mother. She is awakened
effortlessly by Bhagwati’s willpower or volition. Even an extremely highly placed human being has to struggle hard in
a round about way for that achievement, But that is not his fault.

(5) The Brahman—the conscious vibrations which pervade your body, purifies all the three phases, namely, the body,
the mind and the EGO in you. When these phases get contaminated, the vibrations in you make you aware of these.
(6) If you, indeed, attain a calm psyche, pure mind and ‘are devoid of the EGO, you do attain the state of Spiritual Bliss. The reason is, the Light of the Soul spreads unobstructed.
(7) How did the cosmos spring up ? Why ? Is there God ? Such fundamental questions remained unsolved even by the Gods. However, please know that what I have conveyed to you is the truth; this you can feel and know only by constant vibrations. But to be aware of this, your own vibrations must be in perfect order.

The experience will teach you that the ‘Love’ and ‘Truth’ are one and the same.

This experience will help you solve many an intricate and deep seated principles of the Brahman. At this stage, your mind will have the Revelation that Brahman is devoid of passions The concept of god, the Brahman, will blossom like petals of the blooming lotus, spreading its fragrance, when the physical, spiritual, and the cosmic states will be shorn of the deep seated dirt in the mind. Your mind will be in tune with Brahman—the Eternal Lotus.

At this juncture, distractions of the mind carried by the egoistic vain glory, will fade away.

(8) The Brahman is like the ever-power- ful SUN. Still, however, the human mind, wavering as it is, its unsteady
thoughts vanish in the waters of distractions. Once your mind attains the ‘Sun-power’, it will cease to waver. The
distractions of the mind will disappear by practice of Meditation

Meditation is nothing but the state of remaining in the constant company of the ever-loving Bhagwati.

(9) When you become broadly conscious, that is to say, when you attain collective consciousness, that itself is the
Brahman Power. It pervades in innumerable forms in the Universe, in the atoms and molecules.

To the dull mind it is inanimate,

to the restive mind it is many splendor power.

To the revealed mind it is the joy.

In the mind of the Sahajyogi, it is the Eternal Bliss.

To the realised Yogi, it is ecstatic bliss.

You have known all these phases. Experience them. Test them. Keep the mind quiet and steady. Have total surrender and make your mind devoid of doubts.

These are my blessings.

Ever Yours
Your Mother
NIRMALA H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
1970-0101, Letter (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE)

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