Interviewer: Your feed-back on film Grihalakshmi.

Yogi Mahajan: You know, Shri Mataji used to talk about the Vishudhi chakra, which is a quality of the ether and everything today which we call as digital age works through the ether. All communication is trough ether. So, as you become masters of Vishudhi chakra, then our communication system improves through which we can reach the masses and spread the word of Sahaja Yoga. And the theater, the cinema, the video, the mobile, all these are instruments through which the word can be spread. We haven’t done much, we haven’t used this power given to us by Shri Mataji till now.

A few initiatives by people, and I am very happy to know that Sanjay Talwar has taken this very great initiative and produced the film Grihalakshmi to reach out to the masses the wonderful message of Sahaja Yoga. And I hope many more such projects are taken out by Sahaja Yogis all over the world. Thank you


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