Dr Sanjay Roshan Talwar Talks About The Inspiration Behind ‘The Mahalakshmi Path-The Evolution’

‘Mahalakshmi Path-The Evolution’ has been garnering appreciation far and wide ever since it was first released in October last year. The audience has been able to connect with the film because of the simple narrative and extremely relevant and relatable plot. Producer Dr Sanjay Roshan Talwar describes the content of the film as “not the usual run-of-the-mill.”

In an interview with News18, Dr. Talwar spoke about the film, the inspiration behind the content he has created, the message that the film wants to put out to its viewers and much more.

Excerpts From The Interview-

Congratulations on being widely appreciated for your film, how does it feel?

It really feels wonderful. At a time when people don’t recognize such kind of content in movies, this is a positive sign. It feels good.

You know you just mentioned that “People do not recognise such kind of content.” Could you elaborate on that a little bit?

Yeah, this content is not the usual run-of-the-mill Bollywood movie because it has been created for the cinema and obviously it’s meant to attract a large audience. I feel the kind of content we have or I have put forth in this film is to deal with issues that relate to our lives which are very personal to us sometimes so personal within us that these are never shared outside so when that very very personal self of yours gets awakened by a sort of a meditation which we have tried to talk about. It is called Sahaja Yoga meditation. So this form of meditation is for everybody from all walks of life, whatever caste, creed, colour or language one belongs to. It involves from the children right up to the old people and the families and it helps you to muster up all your energies and then develop a family life which is beautiful, develop your own life which is beautiful, help the society, build a robust society and which is free from all kinds of issues that today we are dealing. I think the kind of content I have brought, is going to change the way people have to start viewing films for the purpose of educating themselves for a better life to lead.

If you could please talk a little about the film and in brief tell us about the concept behind it.

So the movie is a very simple story of a housewife who, the first part of the movie which I had made was Griha Lakshmi. It was about a housewife being selected by a rich lady and the woman having her dreams about marrying a rich man and having all the things in life, which is immaterialistic. And so we try to bring that spiritual aspect that when she comes across a friend who teaches her that there is something more beautiful in sight that needs to be seen, and they go through that process of that meditation which is taught by the Sahaj Yoga. The prequel just actually ended there, giving an introduction to the concept of meditation. And now the content that has come out is a follow-up of the first one, which is called Mahalakshmi Path, which means the path towards the Mahalakshmi principle. You know, the Mahalakshmi principle in our in our ancient scriptures means the path of evolution.

It’s the power of, one of the Shaktis. We have the three Peetha Shaktis, you know, in our ancient scriptures, the Mahalakshmi, Mahakali, and Mahasaraswati. So it’s said that the Mahalakshmi is the path of evolution, which is the central path, which is the path of balance. So here in my content, I have shown how a Graha Lakshmi actually turns the family around all the problems of the family that we go through in our day-to-day life turns them around into a very positive expression so that positivity enters one’s life and one starts to find solutions to everything that one is looking for in life. So it is a very satisfying sort of proposal to the audience that look within, meditate and solve your problems yourself. You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s all within you.

You shot the film right after the pandemic, could you tell us what the process was like?

I prepared the film during the pandemic. As soon as the pandemic ebbed down, we started the shoot. I think we were the first few people to shoot after the pandemic ebbed down in 2021.

There were situations created I think by the divine for us that during the pandemic we got one and a half years to prepare the project and get to the bottom of it and everybody, all the great thinkers was free, sitting at home, and nobody was so occupied. So we got the best of talent to work on our project by preparing it. And then when it came to the shooting part, people were still hesitant to come out and shoot. And we got the best of locations and we got the best of everything. Even the actors we wanted to work with and the whole thing went so smoothly. I could not have imagined it much smoother than a usual Bollywood filmmaker.

I mean, for me, I’m not that experienced a filmmaker. I’m just coming out with a subject that is very good for cinema to have. But we were lucky to get all the right people, all the right technicians and technically we made the film very superior.

You collaborated with the legendary Kavita Krishnamurthy for a song in the film. How did that come into being and what was the experience like?

Kavita ji has been a very old friend. I have known her for more than 30 years now. I am a singer and we did a few albums in the late 80s, and early 90s, on bhajans and on the concept of meditation. From there, I maintained my connection with her. And she grew in those times from one unknown stage to a great singer and from there onwards she always used to view our relationship as a start for something very spiritual in her life so the minute I approached her for my movie and I said that you must do one song for me she not only recorded it she actually worked for free she actually gave a video of hers singing so that I could portray that in the film.

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