Dearest Friends, Well-wishers, Supporters and Brothers & Sisters from my Sahaja Yoga family,

The vision of our Divine Mother to embrace the whole world in Her love & compassion through Her amazing discovery of Sahaja Yoga Meditation to transform human beings, into the fourth dimension of co-existence in peace, joy, permanent mental & physical well being, is finally beginning to bear fruit. 

This is the result of your continued support and enlightened attention showered for our creative film project GRIHALAKSHMI THE AWAKENING (Worldwide release in 2019).

The film touched the hearts of millions across the globe, transforming many lives and gave meaning to the incarnation of our Divine Mother HH Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi. This could not have happened without Her blessings. 
In addition  the entire Creative Team of our NGO – IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATION began to find meaning to it’s endeavor to create clean & joy giving family entertainment through the cinematic medium.  The attention is focused on projects that establish the truth behind Sahaja Yoga Meditation and how it impacts the life of a common man.

The medium of films has greatly influenced the human sensitivities in the mould of our social behaviour, habits & relationships with our own families and those of others around us. They have always defined human personalities, wherein  make-believe dramatic situations are momentarily compared to one’s own life & aspirations. Further creation of a fantasy illusionary world around us, as a make-believe life. Sometimes far from reality, simply to be entertained, relaxed and chill out of all the stresses we accumulate in our normal lives. We are often driven away from the harsh realities of life  that sometimes we start living an artificial life. We are not ourselves, but taken far away into a world of fantasy that is often marred with our inner enemies like lust, greed, hatred, anger revenge and so on. 
Human Beings, after evolution through so many births from amoeba till now, have never been exposed to the higher truths of our present existence. Our potential as higher beings & and the amazing Self Discovery  is ready to propel us to the fourth and fifth dimension of life, that we , as human beings, the only species in existence is capable of achieving in our life times, and benefiting from the tremendous potential of divine powers that we are capable of tapping. 

Today we stand at the cusp of attaining a higher state of consciousness filled with the power of love & compassion of the Almighty Creator, or fall into the pit of man made illusions coming from the sins of inner enemies that only seek momentary pleasure. They take us towards destruction, misery, stress, disease & disaster. 

One can clearly witness, how our present times are, and in what state we all are. These are the worst times mankind has ever experienced and is going through whether it the wrath of nature befalling upon him or the virus of his own creation. 

These are the times, when man must wake up to his own spirituality. Tap his own powers within and take a huge plunge to discovering his inner potential to save himself & the world from these catastrophical situation before he is doomed. 

With the Incarnation of H H Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi in these modern times, we were sent a messiah to save us and lift us into a new dimension of existences  should we want to, by practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation. 

Our attempt at IMMACULATE IDEAL HUMAN FOUNDATION is to provide you with clean family drama films to bring to light the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your lives. 

One such film has been now envisaged MAHALAKSHMI PATH – THE EVOLUTION. This film takes cue from our earlier production GRIHALAKSHMI THE AWAKENING, taking it’s story to the next level. While this film will entertain you, it will also deliver the strong message about the concepts behind Sahaja Yoga Meditation, to further establish the great truths behind it, and help you to stay in a real world rather than trap you into illusory momentary distractions, which most of today’s modern film offer in the name of relaxation & appeasing of senses. 

This film has been designed to invoke  sense of responsibility that you owe to yourself and to the world around , so that each one of us can play an active role in saving it from its self destruction mode. Our film promises to you a new life ahead. A life full of love, peace, joy and a happy & healthy coexistence, where this world is one family and we are all part of that one Cosmic Being & collective consciousness. 

In order for us to start our next film project, please listen to this video we have created for one of our creative team member Pt Dhananjay Dhumal.

This is our first appeal to you for offering us your full support through your love & donations – to help us realize this dream for you all. 

We expect to launch our film by this year end, if we get your support. 


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With all my best wishes and love to all of you.

God Bless & Jai Shree Mataji to all. 
Sanjay Roshan Talwar

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