Man is sitting at the Pinnacle of the Evolutionary Chain.

What makes us so special? How are we different from the rest of the Divine’s creation?

All creation is rooted to the Mother Earth. Plants draw their nourishment from the soil. Most animals survive on vegetation and fruits, while others eat smaller animals. They live on the ground or on trees.

Humans, on the other hand, live in skyscrapers, manufacture their food in factories and have even produced synthetic tissue, which is the first step to manufacturing human organs.

This makes you wonder if we are losing our connection with the Divine.

Where is this connection?  Where are our roots?

Since we have turned most things on their head, to understand this, let’s turn a tree around, on it’s head.

The Divine’s gift to man, that makes us special and puts us on top of the evolutionary chain, is the ability we have been blessed with – to be able to connect directly with the Divine.

How can we do this?

Let’s assume we are the inverted tree.

To nourish ourselves spiritually and physically, we too need to draw our nourishment through the roots. Only in this case, the roots are pointed into the sky, the ether.

Through the process of meditation — during the time we are completely thoughtless, a path opens out for these inverted roots, to connect to the Divine.

The roots are now able to draw the nourishment so vital for our spiritual development.

Normally, we keep this path closed with our numerous and continuous flow of thoughts. The longer we can stay thoughtless, the greater nourishment received by the tree.

This spiritual energy flows through our roots, to the branches and the stems, making us stronger and more productive in every sphere of our lives. It gushes into the web of veins, to improve the foliage and fruit of the tree – being our physical self and the achievements we are able to accomplish.

Have you ever considered how the Yogis’s who went into Samadhi survived for so long?

This spiritual nourishment supersedes the physical nourishment. Our desire and greed for food ebbs, automatically making us healthier. Life comes into balance. As our mind is uncluttered, we are able to see the solutions and everything begins to come together, allowing us to achieve peace of mind.

The Tree of Life is within us. Experience the life force flowing through it transforming flowers to fruits and humans to spiritual beings